Why Doctor Who Is So Popular

Have you been wondering why Doctor Who has been so popular over the years from generation to generation? If yes, there is no need wondering anymore as this article will provide you with some reason why.
First, the TV show, which was first aired in 1963, has a compelling character referred to as the Doctor. This character is an alien that resembles human in a way. The most intriguing thing about the Doctor is that there are still a lot of things about him that is still unknown to the fans even after 50 years of the show showing on BBC. The main character is mysterious and travels through time with a time machine known as TARDIS. Another thing that makes this TV show to be popular is the regeneration concept that was introduced to the show. With it, the lead character has undergone many changes. When it looks like the person acting the lead role can no longer act, he is made to go through a regeneration process where he regenerates to someone else but with all of his abilities. This you will see if you obtain Doctor Who DVD and watch from the beginning. Most people think that the TV show is a science fiction but this is not true especially if you can be patient enough to watch every part of it. Doctor Who 2005 will make you see this if you watch it. You will discover that there are a whole lot that you can understand from the show. It is a show with lots of varieties such that it cannot be classified as just one. One final thing that makes Doctor Who so popular is the monsters in the show. These monsters make children fall in love with the TV show. In fact, a majority of the children who watch the TV show do so because of the monsters in it.