Which is the best website for TV shows?

You must be very thrilled to know that Pinoy TV shows are now available online. There are websites that let visitors show the episodes for free. But before you go ahead and start watching, it is better to determine which of these websites is best for this purpose. You can do that by keeping the following thing in mind.
1. All the popular shows should be available on the website. If not all, they should have the ones you like. If not even that, you should at least be able to get most of the shows you want to watch. So, the first thing you need to look at is the list of all the shows a website has. 2. You should also get previous episodes there. If only the latest ones are available, you might not be able to continue the whole story, as you will miss an episode every now and then. 3. It is not always possible to watch the show directly on the website. Sometimes, the internet connection is not so good that it can easily buffer the video. Other times, you are not free at the moment you have internet. At such situations, have the option to download is very useful. But this does not mean that only the download option is enough. Buffer should also be there because your priorities and situations can change. 4. You internet might not work at its best at all times. Sometimes it might get a little slow. Then it gets a little harder and frustrating to buffer an episode. It will stop after every few seconds. But if you have the options to change the video quality, this problem can be solved. The same option should be available for download. It should be possible to download videos of different quality. Click here for more information Pinoy Channel