What are the duties and responsibilities of an architect? - House architects Melbourne

melbourne architects provide their service in different areas of constructions. Like commercial structure, residential structures. But the duty of the architect is not stop here. They need to take care about the building designs, safety and the requirement of their clients. Some of the duties of the architect are as follow.
Customer service Architects are engage with their clients. Before finalize of the plan it is important to understand all the requirement of clients. It is good to meet the clients again and again to understand the needs of the clients regarding construction of the project. They are also coordinate with the other professionals like engineers, landscape architects. It is very important that communication skill of the architect must be excellent because they are deal with the different people. Design plan and develop Designing and developing of the construction of the projects are the most important task of the architect. It is very important that architect should study and analyze the every aspects of the plan. He is required to study environmental aspects carefully. And he also needs to analyze several aspects like plumbing, electricity fitting, ventilation and the structural system.
Research and knowledge Architect must have knowledge4 about everything like building codes, fire regulations zoning laws. And also architect is aware from the different laws that will be applicable on the construction project. And he must also have knowledge about the different authorities and the approvals process that necessary to take for the construction of the house. Above we provide some duties and responsibility of the Melbourne architect. And also one ofthe most important duties about the architect is that he must have well experienced in the different technology that is use by architect for their work. Also they must have the basic knowledge of the spreadsheet, word processing and basic concept of the software.