Students help others by uploading study material online

Those students that have found the subjects of math and science to be very difficult but are still pursuing them at university level need extra help in understanding the subject as well as in doing their homework. If you also have problem with your subject then Psst! Need the Answer to No. 7? Click Here. - The New York Times. How do they get answers?
There are many website that will help you in finding the right solution to the problems given to you by your professors as homework or take home tests. This has become possible because the students upload various course materials on these websites making it a great resource for the students. Many professors will not change their questions from year after year and that is why you get the solutions here on the website. Also, you can find various notes and lectures on these websites that was once only available through student council archives. Psst! Need the Answer to No. 7? Click Here. - The New York Times So, if you actually want to get the solution to the problem that you are stuck with then you can take the assistance of the websites that offer help. This is similar to the help that the students had sought from their peers and their seniors in the past. But, today because of the advances in technology this help is available to all without having to develop friendship with the very intelligent students in the class. The students that supply a good amount of material can access the website for free while the others have to pay a nominal fee to access the material through these websites. These websites help you to a great extent in not only securing a good grade but also increase your knowledge by giving you detailed explanation of the solution.