Statistics in regards to the salary of maids in Hong Kong

Most of the people known as foreign domestic helper come from Hong Kong, plus they are mainly maids and more maids, their employers are majorly from Hong Kong too. Based on some statistics, the way the income of 菲傭 (Filipino maid) have been elevated by 僱傭公司 (Employment company) is scary, just because they want to train these. It is within record in which in Hong Kong as an example, their wage is quite higher than the bare minimum wage. For around 60% of companies pay greater than minimum income both in the formal and informal establishing. As compared to the statistics of Five years ago, the actual salary elevated by 8%.
Within Hong Kong, there has been an instant increase in the quantity of FDHs (Foreign domestic helpers), over time, as compared to some other countries of the world, this includes each Indonesia service personnel, Filipino maids along with other kinds of foreigners. As on the month regarding June, 2017, the number of Filipino maid reached Two hundred,000 inside the city of Hong Kong. Discussing the education with the maids, they're very much knowledgeable as the typical level of schooling was just somewhat higher than the one that a 菲傭 (Filipino maid) has. There were lots of cases where folks wanted the particular service of your maid all since they wanted these to In turn contact their children so that they can become smooth in talking and improve their English level generally. Particularly, the Filipino race is so diverse, in the sense they are a mix of many ethnic groups, and 3 races. 10% are usually blacks, 30% are usually Indonesians and 40% are usually males and other category. This particular statistics provides a reason regarding other ways an agency like HL&C (HL&C)will help a household.