Know More AboutRapper Zoey Dollaz of Freebandz

American rapper Future founded Freebandz, an American record label and Rapper Zoey Dollaz is one of the artists of this label the releases of which are distributed through Epic Records. Freebandz is not too old because it was founded way back in 2011 and in around 2013, it participated in various projects and album releases. The artists under the label are referred to as Freeband Gang (FBG).
Zoey Dollaz career Freebandz has number of artists for its albums and Zoey Dollaz is one of them but not too popular for a long time but was included in Freebandz because of his caliber. Zoey Dollaz is Haitian-American rapper and that why his full name is referred to as Rapper Zoey Dollaz. He began his career in 2015 by releasing a single "Blow a Check." The success of this song opened his career avenues when he was signed by the Freebandz record label. He was signed by Epic/Sony Records to work for Freebandz. He is too young and just 27 years of age but his achievement is great at this young age which very few artists achieve in their career.
Zoey’s personal life Enough information is not available about his personal life except that he was born in Miami, Florida on October 12, 1990 and his United States is his birth place and his original name is Elvis Millord. He has one sister also. He was grown up there and was highly interested in rap music from the beginning. His major focus on music career begun in 2010 when he started to rap through his singles and mixtapes on online platforms. His regular performance on online platform game lift to his career. Zoey’s net worth Zoey Dollaz is not so rich and his net worth is about $85,000 but there is lot of success ahead in his music career as he is too young to make his net worth at this age.