How quality assurance programs can measure standards of service delivery

The primary goal of any Call Quality Assurance system is to offer significant statistical analysis of delivery of services by call center agents and quality of interaction between call center agents and customers. For a company to measure the quality of services offered accurately and be able to establish the reliability and credibility of the QA process, it is important that the company captures customer calls and evaluates them on a consistent basis for all call center agents and this should be done at least once a month. Unfortunately, many call centers lack the resources toconduct quality assurance on sample customer transactions that are statistically valid.
Instead, many companies task the respective management to generally specify the number of chat sessions, emails and calls that need to be evaluated on a monthly or even a weekly basis. In most cases, the number is usually based on quality assurance resources. For a company to determine the total number of Call Center QA sessions, which can be conducted in a day, the company should simply calculate the time taken to do one evaluation and present to training or coaching session. This number should then be divided by the number of working hours the company has put aside in a day. Basically, there are no guidelines in the industry for doing these calculations or for determining the number of customer calls that need to be monitored on a daily basis. This is because the number can vary widely depending on the number of customer support agents, the type of call center (multi-skill or multi-channel) and the volume of customer transactions. It is important that a company that implements Call QA programs should have dedicated resources for the quality assurance program. Although these resources are important, it is imperative that line managers and supervisors always be informed about the performances of their call center agents. click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance