Features offered by a reliable Social Wi-Fi service

Today, the customers are looking for Wi-Fi connection in the places they are visiting including the restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, hotels, sports centers, recreation clubs, hairdressers, and other commercial business centers. The businesses to make their customers happy are installing and giving free Wi-Fi to its customers. Also, the businesses are converting this amenity into a marketing opportunity. They are using this as an effective marketing tool to boost their brand presence in social media. Basically, the users have to login to Social wifi through their social media accounts. When customers login using their social media credentials, you would gain access to their wealth of contact information and other demographics. The marketing team can analyze this data and use it to create wonderful ads targeting your potential audience. In addition, you can also send latest deals, offers and other important information to these people regularly.
Here are a few features that are offered by the reliable and best Social Gasten wifi services Can connect with the customers on social media: The customers connect to your Wi-Fi hotspots through social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can either offer any one of these channels for your customers to login or all channels. When the user login, prior to accessing the internet, they are asked to like and follow the business pages. Moreover, this gives an opportunity for the businesses to post their ads and lure customers to take those offers. This lets the business to promote their brand to its loyal customers on social media platform.
Easy to gather and analyze customer information: When customer login using their social media authentication, you can collect their information including age, gender, interests, country, etc. These demographics will let you create a marketing campaign to focus on your target audience. Engage customers: You need to create a landing page either to your business page or to your website when a customer logs to Wifi voor klanten to showcase your offers or to boost the customer engagement. Also, you can send wishes to the customers on their special occasions to make them feel that you are their loyal customer.